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About the Author

Dr. Pérez is owner of Apoyo Coaching and Consulting, LLC. and an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

He partners with his clients to deliver three signature coaching programs.

Leading with Cultural Humility: A Coaching Journey for White Leaders

Authentic Leadership: Thriving as Underrepresented Leaders in Predominantly White Spaces

Leading with Confidence: Mastering Job Transitions in Higher Education

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Virtual/In-Person Talk Session Description

Leading with Depth: The Crucial Role of Cultural Humility


In this concise 40-minute session, Dr. Pérez will define Cultural Humility and how to cultivate it for individual, organizational, and community transformation. Attendees will understand the essence of cultural humility by exploring its three pivotal facets: self-awareness and self-critique, redressing power imbalances, and driving organizational change. This approach leads to meaningful change for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Session Highlights:

  • From Cultural Competency to Cultural Humility: Developing a posture of cultural humility begins with cultural competency. Learn what cultural competency entails and how to cultivate it.

  • Understanding Cultural Humility: Discover what cultural humility is and its three core characteristics: self-awareness and self-critique, redressing power imbalances, and systemic change.

    • Self-awareness and Self-critique: Learn what self-awareness and self-critique involve and how to develop these skills as the first step toward cultural humility.

    • Redressing Power Imbalances: Understand the concepts of belonging and estrangement to assess whether your organization fosters inclusivity and a deep sense of belonging.

    • Systemic Change:Recognize that transforming an organization into an inclusive environment with a strong sense of belonging requires a strategic plan. Learn a framework to guide your organization toward this goal.

  • Essential Practices for Developing Cultural Humility:Explore the three essential practices—growth mindset, deep curiosity, and deep listening—and learn strategies to develop and implement them.

Call to Action:

To transform organizations, families, places of faith, and communities, change starts with you. Walk away with actionable steps to develop a posture of cultural humility, enabling you to transform the communities you are part of by first transforming yourself.

Cultural Humility Workshops

Workshop Description

Cultural humility has many applications from leadership development, faith practice, and many things that fall under the umbrella of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. I can tailor the topic to meet the needs your organization may have and the pain points it is experiencing in trying to create a more inclusive organization with a deep sense of belonging.

Examples of Recent Workshops

Cultural Humility: An Effective Practice to Mitigate Bias

Cultural Humility: What is it and How do You Develop It to Create an Inclusive Classroom

Beyond Competence: Unveiling the Depths of Cultural Humility

Leading with Depth: The Crucial Role of Cultural Humility

Cultural Humility: What is it and how do you develop it to become an exceptional leader?

Interview Questions

  • Why did you write Dear White Leader?

  • What is cultural humility?

  • How do you move from cultural competence toward cultural humility?

  • How can organizations become more inclusive and develop a deep sense of belonging?

  • What are tangible things new leaders can do toward developing a posture of cultural humility?

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