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Your Guide to Navigating the Complexity of Leading Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Efforts

Become an exceptional leader who embraces cultural humility!

Becoming an exceptional leader requires moving from a mindset of cultural competency to one of cultural humility.

- Dr. Joel Pérez

Dear White Leader details the necessary steps it takes to lead within our ever-changing society and guide organizations on a journey toward cultural humility. Readers will be compelled to take action because they will clearly see how they can help change their organizations to better society.

Table of Contents

CH. 1 Cultural Humility is The Key to Leading Exceptionally

CH. 2 Why Cultural Humility?

CH. 3 What Is Cultural Humility?

CH. 4 Self-Awareness and Self-Critique

CH. 5 Redressing Power Imbalances

CH. 6 Change Systems to Be More Inclusive

CH. 7 Impact on Yourself, Your Organization, and Your Community

CH. 8 The Destination-Free Road to DEIB

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This assessment is meant to help people develop their self-awareness and know where they are in their journey of cultural humility.

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